A downloadable game for Windows

Viking Run is a 2D adventure platformer. Try to quide Snorre the Viking through the forest and caves to his home village. Snorre got lost and it's your job to find his way back home through different levels. You will be attacked by different enemies. Beware of the trolls!
Try out what comes out when people who have never made a game before, want to learn and build it up in one month. Maybe you like it or can do better!

Version 1.3 - More trees were added and bosses have more health.

Controls (newest version)

D = move on
A = move back
W = jump
E = attack
R = use potion
S = crouch

ESC = pause


Mikko Kallunki - Producer, level designer

Iina Nivala - Artist

Programming - Juho Lastikka and development team.


VikingRun1.3.zip 34 MB