A downloadable game for Windows

Full game out now. (You can also play demo version.)

You are Cakeman. Your job is to navigate through the levels and defeat enemies by jumping onto them. There are also friendly npc characters who ask
you to get presents for them.

A = Move backwards

D = Move forward

Space = Jump

R = Use match to get back health

Made by Snorre Games:

Mikko Kallunki - Team Leader and programming

K.K. - programming

Iina Nivala & Juho Lastikka - Graphics & backgrounds

This game is inspired by Julie Verhoeven's "Happy Birthday Dave":

Happy Birthday Dave


Land of 8 bits - Stephen Bennett (Fesliyan Studios)

8 bit style - dneproman

Falling 8 bit music & sequence 8 bit music - michorvath

8 bit music for game - annoyedcactus


Cakeman.zip 26 MB
CakemanDemo.zip 20 MB

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